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Energy Policy is Our Business We fight for policies in Puerto Rico which will tangibly benefit the collective of all solar and energy storage companies working on the island. Our team of top organizers, strategists and communications specialists work tirelessly to ensure that solar and energy storage will emerge as dominant technologies during this period of energy transformation for the island.  By becoming a member, you can ensure that your voice is heard in this critical time as we work to craft the future of Puerto Rico's energy policies.  

We Foster Collaboration and New Partnerships We can provide your company with opportunities for interaction with an extensive network of solar and storage companies, financiers, energy experts and policymakers both from the island and around the world who can offer your company the connections you need to make the next big steps to grow your business. Our industry conferences will provide you with exclusive access to  some of the most important networking events on the island, and our member meetings will ensure that you'll be familiar and friendly with the other major players in your industry on the island. 

General Members


  • Shape Policy Priorities of SESA; the success of your business model is the substance of our most pressing policy directives.

  • Serve on Committees to discuss and collaborate on matters of collective importance with other industry members.

  • Receive Policy Updates via monthly policy and progress newsletters.

  • Networking Opportunities at our general-membership meetings, by serving on committees, and through our conferences. 

  • Free Advertising and Visibility through website, membership directories, and newsletters.

Board Members
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