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Tuesday, June 26

Breakfast/Registration 8:00 - 9:30

First Session Begins at 9:30AM



Financing Distributed Solar + Storage

  • What are the most important steps to take to ensure that distributed generation actually gets into the hands of a wide variety of Puerto Ricans, not just the wealthy?

  • How can systems be made affordable for the large percentage of the island’s inhabitants who have low or unestablished lines of credit?

  • What would be important policy incentives to help solve “equitable distribution” problems that aren’t solved by the free market?

Lessons of PACE for Puerto Rico

The founder of PACE (property-assessed clean energy) clean energy financing mechanisms and policies talks about his experiences, insights, and the lessons to be applied to Puerto Rico.

Renewable Energy as Part of Disaster Rebuilding

With $20b in HUD money coming to assist in the rebuilding process of Puerto Rico, it’s still an open question of how resources should be devoted and how energy infrastructure projects should fit in the mix.

  • What are the most important short and long-term rebuilding goals for Puerto Rico?

  • What sorts of energy projects most clearly align with those rebuilding goals?

  • How can federal funding be leveraged to both efficiently and equitably for energy projects for the benefit of all Puerto Ricans?

PREPA’s Integrated Resource Plan: What You Need to Know

A special presentation from SEPA

PREPA has contracted with Siemens and the Smart Electric Power Alliance to engage key stakeholders on the future of the energy grid in Puerto Rico. The first round of stakeholder meetings have been held and this session will share what was learned.

  • What an IRP actually is

  • What is unique about Puerto Rico’s IRP

  • How to get involved in stakeholder meetings

Municipalities: Their role in the Future of Distributed Energy

A discussion among municipal leaders about the next steps needed to promote distributed generation in their districts.

Legislative Direct Address  - Hon. Eduardo Bhatia (Puerto Rico Senate)

Listening to the Stakeholders: Your Feedback on Challenges and Goals

Another interactive session from Rocky Mountain Institute and SESA to help determine top legislative priorities and most pressing next steps.

Learning from Renewable Energy Models Around the World

A discussion of different energy models of incorporating and markets structure from around the world, ranging from examples in California, Germany, Japan, Hawaii, and developing countries around the world.

  • What kind of market structures have been most effective at encouraging the growth of renewables? Are those market structures sustainable in the long term?

  • What government incentives have worked and failed at incorporating renewables onto the grid?

  • What are the critical differences/and similarities between those markets and Puerto Rico?

Policy Campaigning 101

An experienced campaigner and legislative expert offers her perspective on the fundamentals of actually getting policies implemented.  

Foundation for Puerto Rico Speaks on Energy Development

Efficiency: The Forgotten Piece of the Equation?

While most of the focus in Puerto Rico has been on the electric generation side of the table, improving energy efficiency remains one of the most feasible and possibly impactful steps Puerto Rico can take in improving its energy system on the large and small scale. This will be a discussion about what some of the next steps in energy efficiency might look like here on the island.

Microgrid Rules: The Intentions and Takeaways

With the microgrid rules released and finalized, the question is what’s next for microgrid development in Puerto Rico? The head of the energy commission answers your questions.

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